Cosmic Crisp apples to be available year-round, Stemilt says

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Cosmic Crisp apples to be available year-round, Stemilt says

Stemilt says that the Cosmic Crisp apple variety will become available year-round. This comes as the Washington-based company saw greater volumes of the fruit for both organic and conventional segments during 2022.

“Many Cosmic Crisp orchards are coming into production, including organic production, this year. We will increase our organic supply by about 120% and 77% for conventional,” said Stemilt marketing director Brianna Shales.

After the marketing season launches on December 1, the conventional product will become a year-round variety, while the organic will also have a longer season than prior years following the launch.

The particular variety is grown in Washington, and has a longer shelf life and natural resistance to browning, according to Stemilt. It took 20 years of development and research by Washington State University.

The name "Cosmic" references the apple's starburst-like lenticels, while "Crisp" links it to its parent, the Honeycrisp variety also grown by Stemilt.

In previous years, the fruit was only available from January through April, and also during December.

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