Awe Sum Organics’ winter organic table grape season underway

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Awe Sum Organics’ winter organic table grape season underway

California-based Awe Sum Organics is kicking off its tenth organic Peruvian winter table grape season. The company is seeking to fill the winter organic fruit void with table grapes from early December, when the California grape season is finishing up, well into April.

"Our growers’ organic table grape vineyards in Northern and Southern Peru combine to provide a good supply all winter long of red and green seedless grapes," said David Posner, Founder, President, and  CEO of Awe Sum Organics.

The company began growing organic table grapes in Peru 15 years ago, making it the largest program today in the South American country. 

“Last season we had good quality fruit, but we expect this last harvest to be even better. Growing conditions, so far, are better than last year, and this should help with both supply and quality,” said Joe Feldman, Director of Sales & Marketing for Awe Sum Organics.

While the Peruvian program seeks to complement the domestic grape season, the firm has recently acquired a new grower to secure supply during Peru’s off season.

“We have now added a top quality South African grower to help us to fill the gap period between Southern Peru and our Northern Peru harvests. Organic grape demand has been strong throughout the year and we expect it to continue to be strong, especially for us  in the wintertime,” said Feldman. 

Awe Sum Organics’ red and green seedless grapes have been in development since early 2007, with the brand continuing to work towards improving the overall quality of its products.

“Being the leader in the category, this comes with a history for us of perfecting quality,” added Feldman regarding the company’s commitment to organic, non-GMO agriculture since its debut in the segment in the early 70’s.

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