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Dan Harrington announces retirement from Superfresh Growers

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Dan Harrington announces retirement from Superfresh Growers


After nearly three decades on the Superfresh Growers sales team, Dan  Harrington, Account Manager, plans to retire at the end of the year.  

Harrington was one of the first employees at Domex Marketing, joining family owners Ed Kershaw and his nephew Robert Kershaw in 1994. Reliable legend says that Dan showed up day after day until “they  had to give him the job”. As the longest-tenured salesperson ever hired by the Kershaw family, it is safe  to say that Harrington set a standard for the Superfresh sales team that continues to be unmatched. He  instilled a standard of care and dedication to his customers. He has invested countless hours into  coaching sales associates, and had led and modeled the importance of customer relationships.  

“Dan is an institution. He is seen as much of a fixture at Superfresh Growers as Robert [Kershaw]. His  quality of character and purity of purpose have defined the sales ethos of this company,” says Director  of Business Development, Paul Newstead. He continued, “Every single employee on our sales team, past  and present, has in some way, shape, or form, been guided by Dan.” 

At Harrington’s 20-year anniversary celebration over eight years ago, Ed Kershaw, former CEO, stated  “Dan has set the bar on how to be a salesman”. Robert Kershaw, CEO, often says “it is the people like  Dan who took a chance on the company back when it was nothing but a dream and has turned it into  the industry powerhouse it is today.” 

“When I joined the sales team, Robert gave me a Produce Blue Book and I started calling. I combed  through that thing every day looking for people to call. It was our bible,” Harrington shares. Over three  decades, Harrington has built a rapport with retail customers, especially In Canada.  

Ever the gentleman and relationship builder, Harrington prioritized calling customers daily. “If they only  knew the earnestness with which Dan thought of their business. He appreciated their attention and  partnership, and honored their trust. There has yet to be a salesperson here, or anywhere I have  witnessed, that calls all his customers every Friday to thank them for the business of that week, and to  ask what more he can do next week,” shares Newstead. 

Dan spent years working with the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA). Most recently, he  has spent the last six years serving on the CPMA marketing committee. 

Before his tenure at Superfresh Growers, Harrington graduated from Washington State University with a  Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies. He started his career in the concrete industry,  but soon found his passion was in produce working for the Kershaw family. 

Harrington has passed his passion for working for Superfresh Growers to his three sons, who have each  taken on integral roles within the company. His oldest, John, started working for the Kershaw family in 

Domex Superfresh Growers, 151 Low Rd., Yakima, WA 98908 

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his young teens, stacking 50 pound bags of lime. Twins Sean and Danny started a few years later on the  production line. John Harrington is now Operations Manager, Sean Harrington is Production  Coordinator, and Danny is Sales Assistant.  

“I am very proud of what we were able to build here over the past 28 years,” Dan Harrington shares. “I  also know that with the young, smart, energetic and dynamic team we have in place right now that  trajectory will continue. It has been a tremendous ride. I have wonderful memories of all the people I  have met along the way. Thank you Kershaw Family for allowing me to come aboard all those years ago  and allowing my three boys to continue the adventure. I will be forever grateful.” 

On December 10, Harrington’s legacy was celebrated at the Superfresh Christmas party. He became the  fourth employee added to the Superfresh Growers Hall of Fame; a tribute to an absolute legend. 

Superfresh Growers and the Kershaw family wish Dan Harrington the best as he enjoys retirement. 

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