Cropler becomes a game-changer in AgTech

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Cropler becomes a game-changer in AgTech

Press release (Cropler)

Cropler has introduced what is believed to be the world's first agri-camera designed for remote real-time plant monitoring. Unlike traditional plant monitoring systems, Cropler utilizes plants as a primary data source, revolutionizing the way agricultural insights are obtained. By using RGB and NDVI field camera data, weather and advanced algorithms to analyze multispectral photographic data, Cropler gives markers that signal the onset of a particular plant disease or other agricultural problem. Agronomists can compare data from different fields in a visual format, access accurate temperature data, and receive timely reports. Additionally, Cropler's system allows for seamless communication between farmers, agronomists, and the field, enhancing collaboration and decision-making processes.

Cropler's agri-camera technology has already gained significant traction in the market. With a presence in 12 countries, over 100 Cropler agri-cameras have been sold, and more than 1K units have been ordered. Notable clients, including Syngenta, Precision Planting, and GeoPard Agriculture, have already recognized the value of Cropler's technology and its potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry.

The key features of Cropler's agri-camera technology make it a preferred choice for farmers and agronomists. The portable and affordable design, coupled with a high-quality rechargeable battery and over 3 weeks of operation in complete darkness, ensure continuous device functionality. The inclusion of a high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel further enhances its reliability, even in cloudy weather. The UV-resistant plastic body and solid protection from direct sunlight guarantee durability in various field conditions. Additionally, the agri-camera is equipped with high-performance components, including an energy-efficient CPU and a reliable BOSCH weather sensor.

Cropler's plant monitoring system collects and analyzes data from plants using a combination of satellite images, terrain information, and weather data. By identifying composite zones within a field's boundaries, Cropler selects the optimal location for sensor installation. Each sensor observes a 5*5 meter area, providing daily photos of the field for monitoring crop health. One sensor is enough for the fields less than 80 hectares. Farmers and agronomists can access RGB and NDVI field camera data, as well as accurate temperature data, through a web platform dashboard. This data enables them to compare data from different fields, receive timely reports, and access valuable plant data for informed decision-making.

In order to scale production and further develop its innovative technology, Cropler is currently seeking $1 million in funding. This investment will enable Cropler to meet the growing demand for its agri-camera technology and expand its team. With the funding, Cropler plans to boost soil moisture sensor and mobile app development, launch AI plant tracking, and strengthen its business strategy. By expanding its capabilities, Cropler aims to provide even more personalized agricultural insights and solidify its position as a leader in the agro/food tech industry.For more information about Cropler and its agri-camera technology, visit or contact Cropler team at (Yahor Viarbitski, co-founder at Cropler).

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