First shipment of Peruvian dragon fruit arrives in Europe

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First shipment of Peruvian dragon fruit arrives in Europe

Camposol has sent the first ever shipment of Peruvian dragonfruit to Europe, with a 15-ton shipment dispatched to Rotterdam, Netherlands, according to information issued by Veritrade.

Harold Mongrut Dias, Camposol’s General Manager of Operations for Peru said, “It has been a work of many years that allows us to start exporting a new crop like pitahaya. We are sure that it will become well known and quoted by our buyers.” 

“At Camposol, we are very proud to introduce the world to new products from our country and to sustain innovation as a fundamental value of our company,” Mongrut said.

“From our company in the Netherlands, the team identifies the best opportunities to offer our products to this market with an innovative strategy and execution,” said Sergio Torres, Vice President of North America, and Commercial Operations of Camposol. 

The company has been present in the European market for more than 12 years.

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