Australia is leading the harvesting of Kissabel apples

Australia leading the harvesting of Kissabel apples in the Southern Hemisphere

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Australia leading the harvesting of Kissabel apples in the Southern Hemisphere

The harvesting of Kissabel apples has started in the Southern Hemisphere, with Australian partner Montague ready to organize samplings and tastings. Chile, Argentina, and South Africa are harvesting small test quantities, looking to expand production in the next few years. 

Kissabel, a range of colored-flesh apples, varying from pink to intense red are produced by the IFORED project partners, including Montague (Australia), Unifrutti (Chile), Moño Azul (Argentina), Dutoit (South Africa) and Yummy Fruit (New Zealand). 

Montague will account for the largest volumes with several dozen tonnes expected.

Kissabel apples from Australia are destined for product samplings, storage tests, and selected retailers. 

From Chile, Unifrutti reports smaller volumes, but with prospects for growth looking to send samples to customers in South and Central America, according to Cristian Matte, Unifrutti’s sales manager.

In Argentina and South Africa, the harvest is limited to test orchards for now.

On marketing, Australia is implementing most of the initiatives, with a program that includes PR activities, collaborations with influencers and ambassadors, and tastings. 

“The campaign is designed to build brand awareness, excitement and a sense of exclusiveness,” comments Angela Bracken, Marketing Manager at Montague. “Our strategy is to generate demand prior to the nationwide marketing of Kissabel in two or three years’ time.” 

Kissabel apples will be represented by their ambassador Alice Zaslavsky from Australia, and will be featured at various food events such as the Good Food & Wine Show in Melbourne and Sydney and initiatives at “The Orchard at Montague”, the company’s experiential area. 

Expectations are therefore high. “Montague and the consumers who were able to sample Kissabel last year are very excited about this season’s return,” remarks Angela Bracken. “The retail store at The Orchard still receives inquiries on when it will be available to sample and hopefully to purchase”.

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