Wholesale Produce Supply (WPS) names Dirk Updike as Supply Chain Director

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Wholesale Produce Supply (WPS) names Dirk Updike as Supply Chain Director


WPS is pleased to announce the appointment of Dirk Updike to the Supply Chain Director Role for Wholesale Produce Supply. In his new role, Updike will drive operational optimization in all aspects of transportation and warehousing. Updike is a results-orientated leader who strives to build strong, confident, cross-functional teams that deliver results.  "Success in any organization requires not only the ability to achieve results, but also the discipline, process, and structure to sustain those results over time,” Updike states. “As someone who is willing and capable of making challenging decisions and invoking change, I am confident that I can establish the environment necessary to succeed in my new role with WPS.”  

Updike joins WPS after previously holding the Vice President of Operations position for MVP Logistics; before that, he was the Director of Distribution and Fulfillment position for the same company. He is dedicated to driving performance while developing and executing the long-term operational vision.   

“We are excited to have Dirk join the WPS Team,” said Jim Dorcy, Chief Operating Officer, “Updike will help drive strategy and develop action plans that will drive positive changes in the optimization of transportation and warehousing operations.” 

For more information on Wholesale Produce Supply, visit https://wholesaleproduce.cc/ 

About Wholesale Produce Supply   

Wholesale Produce Supply is one of the largest produce distributors in the Upper Midwest and Canada. Founded in 1964, they have built their reputation on superb customer service, integrity, and unmatched reliability.  Their catalog includes hundreds of products to meet the needs of food service and retail customers. WPS specializes in fresh cut produce, custom packaging, and produce ripening to the client’s desired specs. They are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and have some of the largest tomato, potato, and onion repacking operations in the state.  

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