Florida orange production could be down 62% in 2023

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Florida orange production could be down 62% in 2023

The 2022-23 Florida orange production forecast released by the USDA Agricultural Statistics Board shows a decrease of 450,000 boxes to 15.7 million boxes. 

If realized, this year’s crop will be 62% smaller than last season’s revised final production. 

The forecast consists of 6.15 million boxes of non-Valencia oranges, including early, mid-season, and Navel varieties, and 9.50 million boxes of Valencia oranges.

The Valencia variety is lowered 500,000 boxes to 9.50 million boxes, which translated to a 5% drop in production year-on-year.

The Row Count survey, which was conducted by the entity on April 26 through 27, indicated that 98% of the cultivar rows are harvested. 

Non-Valencia orange production is expected to rise slightly to 6.15 million boxes. 

The Navel forecast, included in the non-Valencia  portion of the estimate, is projecting 240,000 boxes, representing 4% of the non-Valencia total.

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As for other citrus crops, the report projects a 6% rise in grapefruit production at 1.80 million boxes. 

White grapefruit is forecast to reach 240,000 boxes, while the red variety is expected to reach 1.56 million boxes.  

Projections for tangerines and tangelos are unchanged at 500,000 boxes.

Upcoming forecast reports for Florida orange production will be published on June 9 and July 12 by the USDA.

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