Argentine citrus forecast down significantly in 2023

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Argentine citrus forecast down significantly in 2023

Weather challenges could hinder Argentina’s citrus production in 2023, according to Argentine Citrus Federation president José Carbonell.

The executive told that crops have been severely affected by the changing climatic conditions, where high temperatures have caused heat stress, resulting in a sharp drop in fruit size.

"We are forecasting a drop in production of 20% in lemon and up to 35% in oranges and mandarins, due to climatic factors," Carbonell said.

Late rains have also caused growers to postpone harvest, hoping to improve fruit size.

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About 70% of Argentina’s citrus production is exported, with 120,000 growing hectares planted to date.

Main destination markets for Argentine citrus include the EU, Russia and the U.S., with a very small percentage going to China, an emerging market for the category.

As for prices, Carbonell is confident that 2023 will be a good year.

"In recent years the world lemon industry has had an over-production and this tends to lower prices. This year, with less production expected in Argentina and having verified a drop in production in the northern hemisphere, we are confident of an increase in values," he said.

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