Westfalia Fruit applauds South African avocado exports admission to China

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Westfalia Fruit applauds South African avocado exports admission to China

Days after admission of South African avocados into the Chinese market was confirmed by authorities, Westfalia Fruit is joining in celebrating the milestone. The company manages half of all South African avocado exports.

The recent announcement of South African avocados gaining access to the vibrant Chinese market is not only a triumph for the avocado industry but also a testament to the vision and dedication of the South African government,” the firm says in a release.

Westfalia also celebrated the “unwavering commitment” of the South African Avocado Growers Association (SAAGA), which played a pivotal role in unlocking the new venture.

Westfalia Fruit's active engagement through SAAGA, collaborating closely with industry peers to facilitate market access, is something the company “takes great pride in.”

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Additionally, Westfalia’s familiarity with the Chinese market is extensive, and their operational prowess within this territory positions it strongly to provide excellent service to its growers, ensuring the establishment of high-quality supply chains.

Moreover, through its existing Latin American businesses, the company has already established a robust presence within the Chinese market, which the sector will undoubtedly leverage. 

"We are not only opening doors to a nation with immense culinary and dietary diversity, but also paving the way for unprecedented growth and economic enhancement for our avocado growers for the long term," says Paulina Criticos, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) CEO of Westfalia Fruit.

Criticos further emphasized, "China's emergence as a potential leading consumer market for avocados presents us with an opportunity to showcase the exceptional quality and flavor profile of South African avocados. As a company deeply rooted in innovation and sustainability, we are excited to introduce our sustainably grown and premium avocados to Chinese consumers."

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