Biden administration reforming H-2A visa

Biden administration reforming H-2A visa for immigrant ag workers

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Biden administration reforming H-2A visa for immigrant ag workers

The U.S. Department of Labor announces a reform to the H-2A visa program. This seeks to improve U.S. working conditions for temporary and immigrant agricultural workers.

The proposal amends the certification of temporary employment, as well as the enforcement of contractual obligations applicable to employers. 

The revisions proposed focus on “strengthening protections for agricultural workers and enhancing the Department’s capabilities to monitor program compliance and take necessary enforcement actions against program violators,” the entity says.

Additionally, the proposed rule would make wages more predictable by making new rates applicable immediately upon their publication in the Federal Register. 

This hopes to ensure that agriculture workers are paid the most up-to-date wages as soon as possible.

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The H-2A visa program has seen an unprecedented rise in admittance, with over 370,000 taking seasonal jobs in the U.S. in 2022, a figure that doubles previous numbers.

Most immigrant labor comes from Mexico.

“Farm workers are vital to our farmers, our food supply and our communities. The administration is committed to protecting all workers, and this proposal would significantly advance that effort,” says Acting Secretary Julie Su in a release.

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