Michigan Honeycrisp growers experiment with cannabis market

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Michigan Honeycrisp growers experiment with cannabis market

Michigan apple growers are expanding their reach by tapping into a new industry, cannabis. Using Michigan-grown Honeycrisps, the cannabis company Highly Casual released its new THC-infused beverage, Honeycrisp Apple Seltzer.

The apples are grown at the joint venture facilities of Emerald Canning Partners in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, and according to the organization, the cannabis oil is mixed in the apple-based beverage “through nano-emulsification technology.” 

The drinks, with 10 mg of THC per can, will be available at several dispensaries across the state. 

This is not the first product the organization has developed that features fruits. Highly Casual also has fruit-infused flavors such as lemon-lime, blueberry-pineapple, and strawberry-watermelon. 

The state of Michigan, in conjunction with the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, published a new set of regulations in March 2022 about the requirements for marijuana-infused beverages, requiring cannabis-infused beverages to be shelf-stable and only be sold at licensed dispensaries. 

Michigan is the third top apple producer in the United States, the second largest producer of the fruit in the world. 

Washington and New York occupy first and second place. Michigan’s apple harvest season is during the fall and according to USDA, Michigan harvested a record 32.38 million bushels of apples in 2022. Average annual crop size is approximately 24 million bushels.

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