Lower Peruvian asparagus volumes for the U.S.

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Lower Peruvian asparagus volumes for the U.S.

The Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association (PAIA) has released its 2022/2023 Fresh Asparagus Statistics, Category Trends and Demographics Report.

The USDA statistics report that of total imported quantities for 2022, the U.S. imported a decreased volume of 13% year over year. “Both Peru and Mexico have reduced imports in 2022, due to many contributing factors, mostly due to weather conditions.  This decline in volume has continued into 2023 and has challenged industry and retailers,” states Priscilla Lleras, Executive Director of PAIA.

Peruvian producers have struggled in recent years, as explained by Fresh Fruit Peru, “The beginning of the fall in Peruvian supply can be traced to the disincentive generated by the growth in freight rates, especially air freight, during the pandemic, which seriously cut into profit margins.”

“Another factor that had a similar impact was the demand for fumigation by the U.S. health authorities in order to enter that market. This created a great barrier for many producers to generate contracts with importers from this key destination. In addition, it inflated the cost structure even more, making this crop less and less attractive in national territory,” Fresh Fruit Peru adds.

According to USDA/ERS, per capita fresh asparagus consumption increased year over year.  Preliminary statistics from 2021 indicate that there is a 9% or 0.16-pound increase in consumption of fresh asparagus per person in the United States. 

“Consumption forecast for the Midwest region of the United States has increased. PAIA encourages retailers to take advantage of the expected increase in consumer consumption,” says Lleras of PAIA.  “According to Fresh Trends 2023, the Midwest region increase is up from 23% in 2022 to 31% in 2023.   This type of increase creates an opportunity for additional retail promotions with cross-merchandising and value-added sales that will result in extra ring sales.”

“As an association, our importer members are working very closely with their customers to inform and supply volume information, as well as provide opportunities to promote and sell more asparagus,” adds Lleras.

The 2022/2023 Fresh Asparagus Statistics, Category Trends, and Demographics Report is available on the PAIA website at:  peruvianasparagusimportersassociation.com

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