Marlene Bio Organic Apples: New look for the daughter of the Alps -

Marlene Bio Organic Apples: New look for the daughter of the Alps

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Marlene Bio Organic Apples: New look for the daughter of the Alps


VOG has the right organic apple for every need, all year round. The South Tyrolean Consortium, one of Europe’s biggest apple growers, has decided to make an important investment in organic farming by unveiling a new identity for its flagship brand: Marlene®, the Daughter of the Alps.

From today Bio Marlene® is Marlene® Bio: the brand becomes a distinctive and striking presence in points of sale with the light blue of the logo paired with green and beige to underline the natural origins of the product. The visuals and packaging elements also emphasise the organic farming methods employed. Alongside the mountain – the father of Marlene® – and the Mediterranean sun – her mother – there are lots of useful insects: the friends of the apple that make this kind of agriculture possible. Bees, dragonflies and butterflies occupy the foreground of the visuals to underline their role as pollinators and protectors of the orchards. On the logo, the “O” of “bio” forms an apple that speaks to the expertise and dedication of the producers.

“Thanks to our 300 members who have demonstrated their belief in organic apple cultivation, VOG is able to offer the right apple for every need, 12 months a year – comments Hannes Tauber, Marketing Manager of VOG – Focusing in this phase on Marlene®, a well-established and popular brand in Europe and the world known for its origins and flavour, our goal is to encourage the consumption of organic apples. We aim to help consumers choose quality products that fit with their lifestyles and meet their needs”.

In fact, another strength of Marlene® Bio is its range, which includes some of the most popular apples with consumers such as the Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Topaz, Pinova and GoldRush®. A wide assortment, which makes VOG the ideal partner for helping to manage the apple category in the organic fruit segments.

“The Consortium produces 30,000 tonnes of organic apples a year for a range that is able to satisfy different targets – adds Werner Castiglioni, Organic Sales Manager at VOG - In addition to Marlene® Bio, our portfolio includes Biosüdtirol, Pink Lady® Bio, Kanzi® Bio, Evelina Bio® and envy™ Bio, as well as the more recent Giga® Bio, RedPop® Bio and Cosmic Crisp® Bio. Our assortment also comprises well-established and exclusively organic brands and varieties such as Natyra®, Topaz, Pilot, GoldRush® and Bonita”.

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