Kanzi apples a great option for holidays

Kanzi apples a great option for holidays

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Kanzi apples a great option for holidays

As the holiday season approaches, CMI Orchards, one of Washington State’s largest apple growers, is promoting Kanzi apples as the top choice for food enthusiasts in baked desserts and holiday treats. 

Rochelle Bohm, CMI’s vice president of marketing, says Kanzi apples are, “sweet, intensely tangy flavored with exceptional texture, which remains firm when baked and doesn't become mushy like other apples.” 

Bohm highlights the rise of Kanzi apples, now the second most popular variety in Europe and gaining rapid global traction, including among U.S. consumers. She notes that production is expanding in Italy, South Africa, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.. 

Danelle Huber, senior marketing manager, notes that Kanzi’s flavor garnered high ratings and positive feedback from U.S. consumers, based on data from 500 participants in an influencer mailout program. 

“Shoppers consistently show their willingness to pay more for Kanzi. Retailers can leverage marketing tools like our Flavogram program to educate shoppers, encouraging them to explore beyond their usual apple choices. This strategy boosts sales and cultivates repeat customers who’ll return time and again after experiencing Kanzi’s taste for themselves,” says Huber.

The Flavogram program aids shoppers in comparing apples by providing detailed flavor profiles. Huber explains that the program’s high-impact point-of-sale materials not only attract attention but also prompt shoppers to try new apple varieties.

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