Ambrosia Gold apples harvest complete

Ambrosia Gold apples harvest complete

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Ambrosia Gold apples harvest complete

CMI Orchards announced the completion of its Ambrosia Gold apple harvest, marked by “unparalleled flavor, vibrant color, and a superb eating experience.” 

Rochelle Bohm, vice president of marketing at CMI, underscores that Ambrosia apples consistently secured a top-three position in total branded apple sales for over a decade. 

“The very best Ambrosia—the cream of the crop—are meticulously selected and packed under our exclusive Ambrosia Gold label,” Bohm states.

CMI’s Ambrosia Gold roots come from the legacy of the McDougall family, who pioneered the introduction of Ambrosia apples in the USA. These apples quickly gained popularity, thanks to their flavor, consistency, and resistance to browning. 

Today, Ambrosia ranks as the 9th best-selling apple in the USA, encompassing all conventional and specially licensed apple varieties and brands. 

The opening of the patent in 2017 allowed other growers to join the Ambrosia apple family, contributing to its growth. 

Bohm addresses a common question, asking: what’s the difference between Ambrosia and Ambrosia Gold? “The answer is simple: the Ambrosia Gold label was introduced to distinguish CMI’s own as a premier offering from regular Ambrosia in the market, ensuring consumers get the very best Ambrosia experience. The label is exclusively available from CMI.” 

According to Nielsen Data covering the latest 52 weeks ending on 11/4/23, CMI now commands a 50% share of the total Ambrosia market volume—meaning sourcing premier Ambrosia Gold is more important and accessible than ever, explains Bohm. CMI’s Daisy Girl Ambrosia Gold leads the organic Ambrosia category, making up an impressive 11% of the total organic Ambrosia sales (excluding private label). 

 “The McDougalls firmly established Ambrosia Gold as a retail staple across America,” adds Bohm. “Top retailers recognize the ‘McDougall difference’ and embrace the opportunity to feature Ambrosia Gold year-round—available in both conventional and organic options.”

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