RedPop®, the sweet rebel catching attention in produce aisles

RedPop®, the sweet rebel catching attention in produce aisles


With its easy portability and ideal size, VOG’s sweet rebel is rewriting the rulebook for the category and letting customers take a 'pop break' at any time

An apple of the perfect size for throwing in a backpack on the go, RedPop® is rewriting the rulebook for the snack category. The fruit's crisp, resistant skin and sweet, fruity center makes it an appealing pick for consumers across age ranges.

With a fresh, colorful brand identity, RedPop® is an eye-catching apple to attract new consumers and young, working-age shoppers. Consumers are already falling in love with the way the apple's innovative brand identity brightens up fresh produce departments with an exciting and colorful new product.

The apple for the snacking segment

With its rebellious personality, RedPop®, 'little big sweet', is making the way for a new segment for the category. RedPop® comes ready to eat as a special treat. It's a smart and refreshing snack to grab between work meetings or classes. RedPop® has the perfect sweetness to provide an afternoon snack with a rebellious kick.

To reinforce its snack positioning, RedPop® is also available in a clear, two-fruit snack pack. The packs provide extra portability and convenience with a 'pop'. 

Soaring demand for RedPop®

As April gets underway, this 'little big sweet' is determined to continue its growth. RedPop® is already enjoying rising availability and strong demand from European and international markets, with positive feedback from retailers and consumers. 

RedPop® is seeing great success in Europe and strong demand from Asian markets, as well as from Central and South America. Its resistance and storage life makes it perfect for maintaining outstanding quality over time. 


RedPop® is grown in the Italian valleys of South Tyrol - Südtirol, one of Europe’s top apple-producing regions. The fruit is distributed by VOG – Home of apples. 

This year, the consortium’s members harvested 8,000 tons of RedPop® and 500 tons of organic RedPop® apples. These quantities will double by 2028, taking the variety’s rebellious strength and pop sweetness around the world.

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