Goldenberry Farms sues over Sugar Mango trademark infringement

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Goldenberry Farms sues over Sugar Mango trademark infringement

Colombian grower and shipper Goldenberry Farms is enforcing the Sugar Mango brand globally, with the firm filing a suit for damages and trademark infringement in U.S. Federal court this week.

The present lawsuit alleges specific traders actively bypassed certified suppliers, as well as “misrepresented a product to be part of the Sugar Mango miniature mango brand to distributors and grocers in the United States.” 

Sugar Mangos are known for their particular sweetness. Because of their thin, non-fibrous skin, they don’t need to be peeled to be enjoyed. They were first commercialized in 2021 and debuted in the U.S. market in 2023.

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Goldenberry follows a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against infringement, Michelle Anders, communications director for the brand, said in a statement. The company has already won enforcement cases in Colombia, North America, and Europe.

“We make significant investments in the development of each of our unique and proprietary items, taking years and significant financial resources to develop both the item and the market demand,” Anders added.

Sugar Mangos undergo a proprietary pre-harvest and cultivation method, with an immediate cool chain, and a patented, food-safe treatment applied post-harvest to condition the fruit for travel and extend shelf life.

Goldenberry Farms Director Christopher Palumbo told that the firm works with a network of licensed distributors for this item, including Melissa's Produce, Baldor, and Robinson Fresh, among others.

"Consumers should look for the "Sweet Sugar Mango®" label on the fruit. In the United States, the mangos will include a Goldenberry Farms® or Melissa's® brand sticker or label. In Canada and Europe the labels on the fruit or package will be with the Goldenberry Farms® logo and green sticker," Palumbo specified by email. 

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