Goldenberry Farms prepares for Sweet Sugar mango season

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Goldenberry Farms prepares for Sweet Sugar mango season

Colombian grower and shipper Goldenberry Farms is preparing for the season's first shipments of its trademarked Sweet Sugar mango. 

With green, red and yellow skin, the variety doesn't need to be peeled before eating. It also lacks the fibrous texture present in many other mangos. A brix level of 22 gives the variety a particularly sweet flavor. 

The company says the peach-sized fruit has enjoyed exceptional retail demand since its launch. Now the company is working to expand its Sweet Sugar mango acreage and provide a longer season. Currently the mangos reach export markets around March and volume starts to peak in June.

Goldenberry Farms is also launching a new consumer and retail campaign, “Small, Sweet, and Easy to Eat!,” to build awareness and educate consumers on the different ways to enjoy the miniature mango.

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“This fruit has been tremendously popular. Several years of working to build consumer and retailer awareness, both in person and at trade shows, has really paid off. We expect again for this to be a sell-out season,” said Brand Director Michelle Anders.

This will be Goldenberry Farm’s fourth year exporting Sweet Sugar mangos, and their second season in the U.S. market. The company also introduced powdered and pulp options of Sweet Sugar mango and a branded scent, allowing the company to use nearly the entirety of its harvest.

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