Brighter Bites partners with GoodPop for 2024 summer program

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Brighter Bites partners with GoodPop for 2024 summer program

Press release (Brighter Bites)

 Brighter Bites, a national nonprofit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly into families’ hands, announced a partnership with GoodPop®, makers of better-for-you frozen pops and bubbly beverages.

Through this partnership, GoodPop will contribute to the nonprofit’s mission by making a financial donation, including a $40,000 matching of Brighter Bites’ summer Core Campaign. Additionally, GoodPop will participate in a volunteer day at one of the Austin summer program sites, contribute fresh watermelon from their own supply chain to diversify the nonprofit’s distribution bags and execute a GoodPop product cause marketing strategy to raise awareness of Brighter Bites’ back-to-school campaign.

“We are honored to have a partner like GoodPop to support our mission, especially during our summer programming months,” said Rich Dachman, CEO of Brighter Bites. “Summer programming is crucial for the communities we serve in providing access to fresh produce when school is out. To have partner support during this time of the year is always welcomed and appreciated.”

Furthermore, Brighter Bites is also giving back to GoodPop’s cause by participating in Good Deeds Day, a global movement of people dedicated to doing good. Since 2007, millions of people and thousands of organizations from 110 countries have come together annually to volunteer and #DoGood. This Brighter Bites and GoodPop partnership is just the beginning of many connections with organizations across the country to provide people with an opportunity to do good and volunteer.

“At GoodPop, it is our mission to provide families with more wholesome, delicious treats made with real and simple ingredients while also doing good in the communities we serve, " says Clara Tomlin, Director of Brand Impact at GoodPop.  "GoodPop is proud to partner with Brighter Bites, uplifting two of our giving pillars: Supporting Equity and Inclusion and Ending Hunger in America. This partnership feels especially important to us as we always strive to bring joy to families during the summer through our products and mission."

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