The largest collection of strawberry varieties in the world is in Poland

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The largest collection of strawberry varieties in the world is in Poland

The world's largest collection of strawberry varieties in commercial production was established in Hornigi (near Warka), on Magdalena and Mateusz Włodarczyk’s farm in Poland.

It is a nearly 2-hectare plantation on raised beds, with 40 varieties of strawberries planted. Most of them will soon be fruiting.

The Truskawkowe Inspiracje project will host a meeting on July 6 where visitors can see, taste, and evaluate the strawberries. 

"We wanted to choose varieties that would be best suited to our cultivation technology and climate. The project carried out together with the Jagodnik website and magazine was an ideal opportunity for this," said Mateusz Włodarczyk, farm owner from Hornigi. "Moreover, thanks to close cooperation with partners of this project, we are constantly improving strawberry production technology." 

He and his family, including his parents and brothers, cultivate strawberries on an eight-hectare area. The project partners are UPL, Yara and Geo Polska, Agrimpex, and Milex.

Two sections of the plantation are currently managed as part of the project. The older one, composed of 10 late varieties, was established in August last year. It is currently in full fruition due to the acceleration of vegetation this season. 

The new plot, using single beds, looks impressive - 30 varieties of strawberries were planted in the second half of May. These were frigo A++ seedlings, waiting beds, and tray seedlings.

The following nurseries provided the project's nursery materials: Agronom Berries, Geoplant Vivai, Hortplant, Kaack, Niewczas, and Poland Plants. Currently, the plants are already blooming, and by the meeting on July 6, most of them will be fruiting.

"The technology of growing strawberries is constantly evolving because it has to change to ensure higher yields, easier cultivation, and the best fruit quality. By implementing this project, we show growers how to improve their production technology on their own farms," adds Mariusz Podymniak from the website.

Truskawkowe Inspiracje in Hornigi is a unique project in Europe that includes presentations, workshops, and practical demonstrations related to best practices in strawberry cultivation, regarding the use of fertilizers, plant care and innovative cultivation techniques.

The main value of the project is a practical test of new strawberry varieties in regular production conditions. It is a great opportunity for growers to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in growing strawberries.

The event may also bring many other benefits, including the exchange of experiences, also in the form of networking, and access to the latest achievements in the field of strawberry cultivation.

Anyone interested in participating in the meeting on July 6 in Hornigi is invited to register in advance:

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