Agronometrics in Charts

Fruit in Charts: Overview of potential impact of Chile's hail damage on the U.S. market

Although Chile's share of the U.S. market for the 23 fruits covered by Agronometrics is only 5%, in some commodities it is as high as 60%.
November 20 , 2018

Avocados in Charts: How does the Mexican growers' strike compare to 2016?

As Mexican growers head into the third week of strikes, volumes are falling away and prices are spiking.
November 13 , 2018

Grapes in Charts: How will Peru's sharp volume increase affect the U.S. market?

The U.S. market tended to become more volatile from December, with the price spread much greater than during the majority of California's season.
November 06 , 2018

Cherries in Charts: With Chile sending less fruit to the U.S., average winter prices trend upward

Last season Chile only shipped a third of the volume to the U.S. that it had sent in 2010-11, and in tandem with this decrease has been a marked rise from Argentina.
October 30 , 2018

Blueberries in Charts: With prices at their highest so far this year, will they continue to rise?

Blueberry volumes in the U.S. market over recent weeks have been very similar to 2015, but what can we expect to happen during the rest of the year?
October 17 , 2018

Mangoes in Charts: Ecuador, bringing high value fruit over the winter months

Ecuador doesn't always fetch the highest prices, but the country has been receiving a premium for one of its more in-demand varieties.
October 09 , 2018

Kiwifruit in Charts: After roller coaster prices, how will Italy enter the U.S. market?

Through the volumes, we can start to see a story form that helps explain this wild ride.
October 02 , 2018

Blackberries in Charts: Will Mexico turn around its diminishing returns?

Mexico has held a consistently high share of the U.S. blackberry market over the last few years, but demand has not been keeping up with supply.
September 25 , 2018

Avocados in Charts: Chile's exports in an ever-changing dynamic market

The proportion of avocado exports that Chile sends to the U.S. has fallen over recent years on the back of increased competition from Mexico and Peru.
September 17 , 2018

Blueberries in Charts: Peru, reshaping the U.S. blueberry market

Peru has seen explosive growth over recent years in a period in which the U.S. market has traditionally been very undersupplied.
September 12 , 2018