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Latin American prickly pear snapshot

Prickly pear production is growing in Mexico, Chile and Peru but still lacks a serious export market.
April 09 , 2013

Peruvian cherimoya variety holds market promise

The Rayan cherimoya has been slated as one of the most promising varieties out of Peru.
April 08 , 2013

Chilean port strike fruit loss update

ASOEX has released figures of estimated losses by fruit category from Chilean strikes in weeks 13 and 14.
April 08 , 2013

U.K. Environmental Audit calls for neonicotinoid ban

U.K. politicians have called for a ban on three pesticides with concerns over impacts on pollinators.
April 08 , 2013

Fruit Fanatic: hunting for rare trees in Puerto Rico

Rolf Blancke tells of expats in Puerto Rico with rich and colorful rare fruit collections.
April 08 , 2013

Chilean president claims national strikes are over

Chilean president Sebastian Piñera said port strikes were over today, but a union representative thought otherwise.
April 07 , 2013

Chile: agreement puts Angamos strikes to a close

Chile's national port situation is still unclear despite workers in Angamos reaching an agreement with operator Ultraport.
April 06 , 2013

International unions put weight behind Thai fruit case

The ITUC has called on the Thai prime minister to drop charges brought against a British human right lawyer by a fruit processor.
April 05 , 2013

U.S. senator admits compromise in passing Monsanto Protection Act

Barbara Mikulski has expressed regret over a law that prevents government action against GM crops even if they are proven to be hazardous.
April 05 , 2013

Honeycrisp apples prove power of consumer push

Honeycrisp apples may create heachaches across the supply chain but the variety has shown to pay off.
April 05 , 2013