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European Commission to restrict certain insecticides

A ban on neonicotinoids is set to go ahead in Europe even though a qualified majority was unable to be reached.
April 30 , 2013

Austria: first direct mango shipment arrives from the Philippines

Austrian importers bypassed indirect distribution centers with an aerial shipment of mangoes directly from the Philippines.
April 29 , 2013

Chile releases two creeping blackberry varieties

Hortifrut's Camila and Amara blackberry varieties are expected to extend the production season.
April 29 , 2013

Opinion: ag leaders must innovate or die

Eric Viramontes argues that agricultural leaders cannot rely on good reputation alone. They must innovate.
April 29 , 2013

Chile: Subsole expands into nut category

Chile's Subsole aims to become a leader in the export of several types of nuts through a recent alliance.
April 29 , 2013

Vietnam: dragon fruit development gets full focus

New Zealand's Plant & Food Research is working to make Vietnam's dragon fruit an international model.
April 29 , 2013

Better sea freight needed to raise South Korean fresh blueberry market

Yoonsang Lee assesses the first campaigns in South Korea for fresh U.S. and Chilean blueberries.
April 26 , 2013

Export outlook up for Southern Hemisphere citrus

Peru expected the greatest percentage growth for citrus exports while South Africa came out on top for volume.
April 26 , 2013

Bipartisan GMO labeling bill introduced to U.S. Congress

A proposed GMO labeling bill has received bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress.
April 26 , 2013

Del Monte Pacific seeks Philippine stock listing

Del Monte Pacific hopes to expand its investor base by listing on the Philippine Stock Exchange.
April 26 , 2013