New Zealand implements stricter controls for Psa

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New Zealand implements stricter controls for Psa

New regulations to control kiwifruit disease Psa-V took effect in New Zealand last week in part of a government pest management program,

The rules establish stricter restrictions for moving plant material and equipment. Regulations vary depending on the severity of the disease's impact on the region.

In Nelson and Northland where the disease has not yet arrived, a voluntary ban has been implemented on the import of plant material.

Transport of budwood grafts between orchards in the two areas will also undergo tight regulation. Samples will need to be tested for Psa-V every time a budwood is moved to any other orchard, the publication reported.

Kiwifruit Vine Health operations manager Neale Cameron said such tests cost NZ$65 (US$50) a sample and are available within 48 hours. The results are automatically sent to Kiwifruit Vine Health.

The idea of the increased regulations is to improve traceability and monitoring to identify the source of possible Psa-V outbreaks.

Growers will also be required to monitor their orchards for Psa-V in July or August and again in November. The results should then be sent to Kiwifruit Vine Health.

A crop management program must also be filed by Aug. 1 to cover crop hygiene and protection.

The set of regulations is being funded through a 2 cent commodity levy on trays of gold fruit and a 1 cent levy on green fruit.

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