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U.S.: Citrus greening detected in San Bernardino County

Greening citrus disease was detected in San Bernardino County in California, sparking the spread of the quarantined area in efforts to stop its spread.
November 25 , 2019

Westfalia eyes Colombian avocado growth over coming years

Westfalia Fruit is planning to ramp up production of avocados from Colombia over the coming years, amid expectations the country will become a major supplier to the U.S. and other world markets.
November 25 , 2019

Mexican blueberry exports to rise during 2019-20 season

An industry representative told us about developments, challenges and market diversification as it anticipates an increase in exports this season.
November 25 , 2019

EU avocado market: Large Hass to remain scarce amid strong green-skinned demand

Importers give us their perspective on the European avocado market, which has marked a sharp contrast to last year and which could remain relatively undersupplied for the near future.
November 22 , 2019

Sun World announces new grape licensees in Chile and Peru

Three companies in the key South American grape-producing countries will now have access to Sun World's genetics.
November 21 , 2019

Dole expands in India with new partnership

"India for us remains a very strategic market,” says Dole Packaged Foods Worldwide about expansion plans and a new partnership in the country.
November 15 , 2019

Ecuadorian bananas: European market 'no longer profitable'

The head of Ecuador's banana growers' association also spoke about this season's recently announced minimum price, which he said reflects technical issues such as preventing the entry of TR4 from Colombia.
November 14 , 2019

The world's largest cherry was grown in far-southern Chile

The massive cherry belonging to Claudio Vergara Tagle was harvested last season but the record has now become official.
November 14 , 2019

Chile: San Antonio port workers announce fresh strike

The port workers at Chile's most important exit point for fruit shipments say they will strike solidarity with the mass protests that have gripped the country.
November 11 , 2019

Chilean lemons see record export volumes

An industry representative gives insight to record breaking Chilean lemon season, competition in global markets and the current social situation in Chile.
November 11 , 2019