Argentine citrus production expected to rise in 2010-11 -

Argentine citrus production expected to rise in 2010-11

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Argentine citrus production expected to rise in 2010-11

Favorable weather conditions will contribute to an increase in fresh citrus production in the 2010-11 fruit season for all fruit types except for grapefruit, according the the USDA’s annual citrus report for Argentina.

Production is estimated to increase to 1.25 million metric tons (MT) in the case of lemons, 900,000 MT for oranges, and 400,000 MT for tangerines. Grapefruit production is expected to decrease to 130,000 MT due to a drop in planted land. Comparison figures from previous seasons were not provided.

The increase in supply of citrus is expected to increase consumption in the domestic market, while exports should hold steady since there is no expected change in demand for the fruit abroad.

Argentina’s citrus exports focus primarily on the European Union and to a lesser extent Russia. From January to September of this year the EU received 75% of lemons, 70% of oranges, 36% of tangerines and 83% of grapefruit. Russia for its part received 16% of lemons, 12% of oranges, 37% of tangerines and 10% of grapefruit.

The USDA does not expect a significant diversification of Argentina’s receiving markets. According to the report there is interest in shipping to China, which stopped receiving Argentina’s citrus after tougher entry requirements establishing cold treatment, which eroded fruit quality and halted trade. There are also ongoing talks to reopen the US market for citrus.



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