Jalisco projects an increase in avocado production this season

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Jalisco projects an increase in avocado production this season

Although avocado growers in Jalisco, Mexico, expect smaller fruit this season, they project that production will increase by 10-20% in 2024. Eleazar Oceguera Aguayo, president of APEAJAL, told FreshFruitPortal.com that the start of the season has been delayed, as they are waiting for the fruit to grow on the tree and develop dry matter.

The delay is due -in part- to the drought affecting the country. "We are adapting to the drought responsibly, rationing water, implementing strategies to reduce water consumption, reforesting in conjunction with other associations," said Oceguera.

Rains during this week are allowing producers to save water that they can use during the drought period.

He added that they expect to export 130,000 tons of avocado to the United States and about 70,000 to other destinations including Japan, Canada, and the European Union.

"Jalisco currently exports to 30 destinations, we continue with certifications and we are waiting for China, Chile, South Korea, and other markets to open up," Oceguera said.

The state currently has 35 thousand hectares in production and for this year has incorporated between 3 and 4 thousand more. In addition, Oceguera assures that "we expect to reach 50 thousand hectares in a short period, but we take care of the areas where they are placed to avoid impacting the environment".

The next period of high demand in the United States will be for the 4th of July holiday; however, as they are waiting for the fruit to grow on the tree, they will not increase their export volumes for that date. Oceguera estimates that within the next two weeks, export volumes may increase.

He commented that they will have fruit available throughout the year and that the pause in avocado inspections in Michoacán did not affect Jalisco. However, he regretted that due to the delay in the campaign, they could not take advantage of the small window that opened during the week that the suspension lasted.

The Global Avocado Summit, organized by the Chilean Avocado Committee and the Yentzen Group, will be held on November 21 at the Casino Monticello event center in Chile.

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