Honduras banana exports worth US $350 million in 2010

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Honduras banana exports worth US $350 million in 2010

Banana exports from Honduras have seen an increase in value during 2010 to reach a total value of some US $350 million, local daily El Herald reported.

The mark represents a slight increase over the US $327.1 million in exports in 2009. The report said the increase was due to banana growers improving the productivity of their land.

The majority of the fruit, some 90%, is exported to the United States. The European Union accounts for 5%, and neighboring countries in Latin America take the other 5%.

The price for the fruit dropped this year. According to the report, the average value of the box in receiving markets has dropped to US $12.66, compared with US $16.56 last year.

Photo: wikipedia.org

Source: www.freshfruitportal.com

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