Uruguay exports record fruit volumes in 2010

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Uruguay exports record fruit volumes in 2010

Uruguay has recorded fruit exports of more than US$100 million for the first time in its history, pushed up by blueberry sales growth and a citrus fruit recovery, national newspaper El Pais reported.

The newspaper reported Uruguayan fruit exports of $109 million for 2010, which also included top fruits such as pears and apples.

Uruguay’s citrus fruits are mostly sold in Europe with the largest amount sold in the Netherlands, followed by the U.K. Spain is also important and the Russian market is growing.

The newspaper also reported an important export market to neighbouring Brazil, which has increased its demand for citrus fruits.

According to Uruguay’s foreign trade statistics, blueberry exports doubled from 1,500MT to 3,000MT, with the largest market also in the European Union, followed by the U.S. The total value of these exports was around US$19 million.

Photo: Flickr, Marijn de Vries Hoogerwerff

Source: www.freshfruitportal.com

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