Chile reaches 80% of blueberry export targets

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Chile reaches 80% of blueberry export targets

The Chilean Blueberry Committee says exports were slightly higher than expected in week 5 (Jan.31 to Feb.6), with harvests expected to decrease before the season’s close in April, according to figures released by iQonsulting.

Chile exported 4,120 metric tons (MT) during the week compared to a forecast of 4,040MT, as the export season reached 80% of export forecasts.

The report said it was expected that in week 6 (Feb.7 to Feb. 13) blueberry exports would be 3,461MT.

“Harvest activity is not expected to stop because of rainfall, which was reported on Wednesday, February 9 in the pre mountain range area,” the report said.

“However, there are concerns about the degree-days increase between the VIII and X Regions, with temperatures reaching 36°C in some areas and that will persist until mid Week 7, which could affect fruit’s post harvest life.”

As of the end of week 5 cumulative exports were 50,167MT.

Source: Chilean Blueberry Committee/edited by

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