Peru's mangoes face Mexican standoff in the U.S. -

Peru's mangoes face Mexican standoff in the U.S.

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Peru's mangoes face Mexican standoff in the U.S.

A Peruvian mango industry leader has announced crop delays in some regions will lead to simultaneous competition with Mexican and Guatemalan exporters in the U.S. market, reported

Peruvian Mango Producers and Exporters Association (APEM) president Mario Salazar said despite production levels to date that were 15% higher than in 2009-10, there were still areas that were well behind schedule due to cold temperatures.

"There is still one more week of harvest in Piura while in Motupe there is still 40% of production remaining. In the Casma Valley there is 100% of the harvest remaining, so we estimate that the 2010-11 campaign will culminate between the first and second weeks of April," he was quoted as saying.

"Mexico's mango production will be 40% higher than Peru's. However, the problem with that country is that their last valleys are suffering from the cold and it is estimated they will have a lower yield, but they will come out in June or July, so for that reason it is difficult to calculate what the total effect on Mexico's mango yield will be.

He told Agraria that recent shipments to the U.S. have faced a crowded market, and as Peru's valleys continue their harvests there will be lower prices.

"For example, between this week and the next we estimate that in the U.S. the FOB (freight on board) price for a carton of 4kg of mangoes will be around US$2, which generates a loss on return to the farm that would be less than 20 cents per kilogram," he was quoted as saying.

On the other hand, Salazar added the price in Europe can fluctuate between €3.5 (US$4.8) and €4.5 (US$6.2) FOB value for a 4kg carton in Europe.


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