Chilean blueberry export season finishes -

Chilean blueberry export season finishes

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Chilean blueberry export season finishes

Chile's blueberry export season 'virtually' came to a close in week 12 (Mar. 21-27) with a forecast of just 80 metric tons (MT) left for shipping, according to the Chilean Blueberry Committee.

"During week 12, the second-last in March, 541MT were exported reaching 68,376MT, which is 7% more than what was predicted for the season," the committee said.

"There is no doubt it has been an extraordinary season in terms of volumes and export coordination. The weather allowed Chile to show its potential for this fruit and although some adverse weather events were registered in spring, these did not affect production significantly.

"However, the most relevant was the higher temperatures that advanced harvests from the central zone to the south."

It is expected exports officially finished by Apr. 4.

Source: Chilean Blueberry Committee/edited by

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