Panama to export first papayas to Canada -

Panama to export first papayas to Canada

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Panama to export first papayas to Canada

Panama's Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) has announced growers from the Azuero region have negotiated a deal to send the country's first papaya shipments to Canada, website reported.

Until now Panama's most notable exports to Canada have been habanero peppers and coconuts, but Trade and Industry Minister Roberto Henríquez said the papaya deal could pave the way for more products to enter the market.

"This is the reason why the MICI, in conjunction with Panamanian agricultural exporters, vizualized the opportunities to introduce other products to the market like papayas, pineapples, watermelons, melons, squash, yams and bananas," he was quoted as saying.

MICI managing director for exports Irma Chong, said several Panamanian products were on display at the Montreal CPMA trade fair, with positive responses to Zarzo Cape pineapples, Fenix Business watermelons and Galia melons from the Exporters of Azuero.

Photo: USDA


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