Aussie mangoes not meeting U.K. potential

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Aussie mangoes not meeting U.K. potential

A recent study has shown Australian mango exports to the U.K. have not met their potential due to lack of local knowledge about the tropical fruit, newspaper North Queensland Register reported.

The study was conducted by the Queensland Government's Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) and the University of Kent.

The study showed British consumers appreciated the mangoes but some didn't know how to detect ripeness, while fruit was sometimes damaged in the supply chain due to the level of product handling.

DEEDI principal extension horticulturalist Scott Ledger said the results of the study could be applied across produce markets, with a need to form more collaborative and innovative marketing, the story reported.

"Competing on price is often difficult for Australian exporters, especially given the current rise of the Australian dollar, so we looked at how we can compete on value," he was quoted as saying.

"It’s not sustainable to just grow your own slice of the pie – businesses need to collaborate to grow the whole pie if we are to strengthen Australia’s market presence.

"Australia has a window of opportunity to export mangoes from October to January when competition from other countries is limited."


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