Mexican growers to discuss fruit development law -

Mexican growers to discuss fruit development law

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Mexican growers to discuss fruit development law

Farmers from the Mexican state of Durango have met with local officials to discuss a proposed State Fruit Development Act, addressing a variety of topics including marketing, automation and plant health, newspaper El Siglo de Durango reported.

The talks included the State Agriculture and Livestock Congress Committee, the Durango Union of Fruit Growers, the Fruit Growers Society of José Guadalupe Aguilera, the Northwest Durango Fruit Growers Union and the Regional Apple Growers Association, the story reported.

While the ideas proposed varied, there was a consensus for the creation of a Fruit Growing System to determine how the industry was organized towards production and the health of plantations, the story reported.

El Siglo de Durango reported suggestions included the modernization of post-harvest infrastructure, increased scientific research and regulations for harvesting, packing, transport and the use of agrochemicals.

In neighboring state Chihuahua laws include government subsidies and a state fruit fund, the story reported.

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