Peru: cherimoyas for global markets in two years

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Peru: cherimoyas for global markets in two years

Peru's Cumbe cherimoya growers have set themselves the task of conquering U.S., European and Asian markets in the next two years, website reported.

At the recent San Mateo de Otao Cherimoya Festival, event co-ordinator Ezard Pérez said the country's fruit, otherwise known as a sugar apple, could replicate its Latin American success further afield.

"We're preparing ourselves to conquer them (markets), with the reputation of our flagship product so far crossing borders in Latin America such as Ecuador and Bolivia, but in a symbolic way," he was quoted as saying.

"We must have all export management, including selection and classification, grinding, washing and disinfection, water treatment, cooling, drying, polishing and packing in special cartons with appropriate supports.

"This makes the export process more complicated but we're working to meet these requirements and conquer more and more palates of the world."

He said the fruit was extremely sensitive for export as just a small bump can scratch its skin and make it unable to make the journey, the story reported.

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Photo: ANDINA/Rossana Salcedo

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