NZ: Satara warns of Psa financial devastation

NZ: Satara warns of Psa financial devastation

New Zealand's third-largest kiwifruit company Satara Co-operative Group has warned the current Psa outbreak could be more financially devastating than the Kiwifruit Marketing Board's collapse in the 90's, website reported.

Satara's managing director Tom Wilson has advised growers in the Te Puke area not to buy new cultivars from Zespri, while urging Bay of Plenty growers not to graft as it could expose vines to disease, the story reported.

Seeka chief executive Michael Franks told the website he admired Wilson for saying what everyone else was thinking.

"From a commercial perspective, it would certainly be better for a grower if Zespri said they would buy back the licence at the tender value should the grower get Psa," he was quoted as saying.

"What is the point of spending all this money to buy a licence if you can't use it, and you probably can't sell it?"

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