Primland expands yellow kiwifruit offer from Southern Hemisphere

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Primland expands yellow kiwifruit offer from Southern Hemisphere

Fresh fruit producer Primland announced that Oscar Gold kiwifruit from South Africa will arrive in international markets this month. A partnership, established with growers in the country more than five years ago, is yielding positive results, the company said, with over 55,000 trays of the fruit available.

Primland said South African kiwifruit volumes are up 40% compared to previous years. One reason is fully developed orchards that are ready to deliver their full potential. Plantings continue to grow, allowing growers to extend the fruit's season.

Along with the volume from South Africa, the company also introduced the production of Oscar Gold in Chile. These volumes are gradually entering the market and will continue supplying European markets.

The Oscar Gold variety has yellow flesh and smooth, hairless skin. It is described as sweeter and less acidic than standard green varieties.

In Chile, the kiwifruit sector is projecting 130,500 metric tons in exports overall. That projection puts the Chilean sector on track to near its 2022 production level.

Meanwhile, kiwifruit volumes from New Zealand have also begun their journeys to reach international markets.

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