Mexican region loses 75% of mango crop -

Mexican region loses 75% of mango crop

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Mexican region loses 75% of mango crop

The Mexican region of Mazatlán in the state of Sinaloa has likely lost 75% of its mangoes due to frosts in February, local authorities have told newspaper Periodico Noroeste.

District 138 chief Jesús Valdez Valenzuela, said in the third week of the mango harvest there was 50% less fruit, while quality and size issues meant there would likely be a larger loss in commercial terms, the story reported.

But the 75% loss figure was put under question by Municipal Rural Committee president Porfirio Salas Castillo, who said trees didn't have mangoes and if they did the fruit wasn't able to be sold.

Local producers said the mango varieties most affected by the frosts were Manila, Ataulfo (Champagne), Tommy and Haden, while Keitt mangoes were less affected.

Producer Andrés Salas Castillo, said in previous seasons 80% of production was exported while 20% was for the domestic market and industrial use, but now the situation was the opposite.

"The situation is not encouraging for mango growers, there is an excess of mangoes in the national market and the industry," he was quoted as saying.

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