Washington State and Vietnam sign Agricultural MoU

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Washington State and Vietnam sign Agricultural MoU

Vietnam and Washington State have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to strengthen agricultural development and promote agricultural trade. 

Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Director Derek Sandison marked the beginning of a trade mission with other five dozen United States delegates by signing the trade agreement alongside Vietnam’s Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Hoang Trung 

The announcement says the delegation will be focusing on "expanding business connections promoting Washington food agricultural products and learning more about opportunities in the Vietnamese market. Delegates represent products including wheat and wheat flour, apples, wine, cherries, and hay." 

The last trade mission to Vietnam by Washington State took place in 2010, since then the country's GDP has increased by more than $300 billion dollars and its population has grown to exceed 100 million people. 

In a press release, Director Sandison said that Vietnam is eager to collaborate with U.S. state departments of agriculture and the MoU is "aimed at strengthening cooperation around agricultural research and trade promotion" between the two nations. 

 In 2023, Vietnam was Washington State’s tenth-largest processed food and agricultural market, accounting for approximately $157 million in agricultural exports.

The top five agricultural exports to the country were apples, dairy, wheat, and sweet cherries. Washington State's apple exports on their own totaled $57 million in 2022.

Vietnam also eliminated a 3% tariff on U.S. wheat and lifted the ban on Canadian thistle, which reduced the risk of trade disruptions for food and beverage manufacturers. The MoU will be viable for five years. 

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