Peru's grape window could extend to May -

Peru's grape window could extend to May

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Peru's grape window could extend to May

New plantation areas in Peru could mean a longer trade window for the country's table grape industry, website reported.

Speaking at the International Table Grape Symposium (SIUVA) in Lima, Vivero Los Viñedos (Vineyards Nursery) general manager Mercedes Auris said Peru could now export grapes for longer periods, due to expansion into the Arequipa region and a 100% rise in plantation areas in Piura.

She said there were now 2,000 hectares of early grape plantations in Piura which allowed for exports in November, while production in Ica and Arequipa could extend commercialization through to May.

"Harvesting from October and going to the market in November is something that other competitors like Chile, Mexico and India can't do, and gives Peruvian exporters more competitiveness and bargaining capacity to get better prices," Auris was quoted as saying.

She said the Red Globe variety would continue to offer higher profitability and commercial security for farmers, but recommended growers learn to grow other varieties like Crimson Seedless, the story reported.

She said while new plantation areas were increasing in Piura, political issues had led to a production slowdown of 20% - a situation that would likely continue until the end of the month.

"Piura is an exceptional case, having less than 20 hectares in 2007 and now has 2,000, and if the rhythm keeps going in five years it will have 10,000 hectares of table grapes," she was quoted as saying.

She also highlighted the risk of vine plant inflows from Chile, with the threat of crop damage from the lobesia botrana grapevine moth.

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