Oppy doubles Mexican grape volume and looks to expand in Asia

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Oppy doubles Mexican grape volume and looks to expand in Asia

Press Release (Oppy)

NOGALES, Arizona — Leading grower, marketer and distributor Oppy is set to double its Mexican grape volume for the 2024 season, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to expanding its 365 program.

The enhanced lineup will now include Sun World varieties, such as AUTUMNCRISP® and RUBY RUSH®. Initial assessments of the grape crop indicate a promising season ahead, with estimates suggesting industry volumes will fall within the 22-24 million box range.

Executive Director of Category Development Piers Hanbury shared, “We are thrilled to be increasing our volume twofold, sourcing from four key regions. Starting in Obregon and progressing through Hermosillo, Aleman, and Carborca, we are poised to offer an even wider array of top-quality grapes to our customers.”

In a move to optimize efficiency and freshness, Oppy has redesigned its supply chain by using its cold storage facilities in Los Angeles for 20% of its volume, reducing mileage and enhancing truck availability. Oppy has also sharpened its focus on exports, particularly into Asian markets, through Delica North America Inc., in which Oppy owns 50% share. 

“We will explore markets in Asia and Oceania for the Mexican grape season,” said Carlos Alcazar, Delica’s supplier relationship manager. “Our partnership with Oppy enables us to deliver the right fruit to each market, with Japan expected to be a key destination. Additionally, we are eyeing opportunities in South Korea and Australia.”

This news comes after Oppy’s strategic joint venture was announced with Sun Grape USA earlier this year — forming Sun Grape California LLC — An Oppy Company. This collaboration ensures a consistent supply of year-round high-quality grapes, complementing Oppy’s global reach from Peru, Brazil, Chile, South Africa and Mexico, alongside extensive acreage in California.

With Executive Director of Grapes and Stonefruit Bill Poulos heading the category, Director of Foodservice and Southwest Sales Jim Leach as its deal manager and Sales Representative Garrett Souza as its west coast lead, the Mexican grape season is set to kick off in mid May with a seamless transition from Chile, where Oppy has a significant late-season presence.

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