Dominican Republic starts white fly control program

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Dominican Republic starts white fly control program

The Dominican Republic government has closed several white fly host crop plantations in communities throughout the country, newspaper El Nuevo Diario reported.

Minister of Agriculture Salvador Chío Jiménez, highlighted the efforts of the Agricultural Preserves Manufacturers Association (AFCONAGRO) in tackling the pest, the story reported.

The new measures under Resolution 38-2011 will prohibit the planting of host crops in several areas until Sept. 30, covering the South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North, North Central, Central and East regions.

Results from AFCONAGRO previous work have shown to be beneficial for crops including industrial-use tomatoes, other fruits, beans and vegetables.

The ban will apply to the cultivation of watermelons, melons, cucumbers, several kinds of peppers, squash, cotton and other crops, depending on whether they host white flies and the regional conditions.

Photo: El Nuevo Diario

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