Aussies say 'no worries' in food country of origin survey -

Aussies say 'no worries' in food country of origin survey

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Aussies say 'no worries' in food country of origin survey

Eight out of every 10 Australian consumers think grocery price is more important than the country of origin, a recent nationwide poll has revealed.

Two thirds said they hardly every checked to find out the export country, according to a Newspoll Online Omnibus commissioned by a PR consultancy.

"The findings will dishearten farmers and local food manufacturers who are already finding it tough in a difficult retail environment," said Crossman Communications managing director Jackie Crossman.

Nearly half (47%) said they didn't care where food came from as long as it was good quality and reasonably priced, while 56% thought imported food kept Australian prices competitive.

"Australia produces some of the best quality food in the world and our growers and manufacturers need our support. If we favor cheap imported food over home grown produce we will jeopardize even more Australian livelihoods and jobs in the agriculture, horticulture and manufacturing sectors."

The  survey of more than 1,000 Australian grocery buyers found New Zealand food producers were likely to be the biggest winners in the battle for the Australian dinner plate.

An overwhelming 96% of respondents were confident in food coming from across the Tasman with two thirds very confident.

Photo: flickr, Christian Haugen

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