SA apricots could hit U.S. shelves next month

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SA apricots could hit U.S. shelves next month

The U.S.' Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has announced South Africa's apricots, sweet cherries and plumcots are safe to import.

Inspectors said they were confident that with necessary phytosanitary measures the risk of introducing plant pests or poisonous weeds was minimal. Imports will be allowed from early next month, Nov. 3.

But APHIS stressed each consignment must have a phytosanitary certificate issued by South Africa's national plant protection organization, and should be imported on commercial consignment.

Plumcots must be treated to ensure they are free from the Mediterranean and the Bezzi fruit fly. Other requirements, for both apricots and plumcots, is an additional declaration they are free from the cinch bug. They should also be cold treated for fruit flies and false codling moth.

Sweet cherries must also be cold treated for the Mediterranean fruit fly. Each consignment of fruit will be subject to inspection on arrival in the U.S.

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