Argentine cherry co-op predicts 42% production rise -

Argentine cherry co-op predicts 42% production rise

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Argentine cherry co-op predicts 42% production rise

An Argentine cherry grower co-operative in Patagonia has forecast a 42% production rise to at least 850 metric tons (MT) this season, newspaper Diario El Chubut reported.

Gaiman Integrated Cherry Growers' Co-operative president Julio Kresteff, said conditions have been 'optimal' to date but the industry still needed to successfully send out and place its fruit in the key markets of the U.S., Europe and China.

"It's been a year in which we haven't had frosts, although ash (from Puyehue-Cordon Caulle Volcano) has simply fallen across the whole zone, but for now we haven't been affected," Kresteff was quoted as saying.

"This year in the co-operative we calculate it (harvest) to be around 850,000 kg (1.87 million lbs) - 900,000 kg (1.98 million lbs). Last year we reached 600,000 kg (1.32 million lbs). This year by adding more people, the idea is to reach 1.5 million kg (3.3 million lbs) in the co-operative.

He told the website the co-operative has bought the latest electronic classification equipment from Spain, which will give growers greater capacity for processing and sales.

He added the group already have buyers but returns could still be improved.

"Growers still don't have the returns that they should have. Our fruit are sold at very good prices and so the return that we are getting is still not what is expected," he was quoted as saying.

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