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'More consistent exports' for Chilean blueberries this week

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'More consistent exports' for Chilean blueberries this week

The Chilean Blueberry Committee expects more consistent export volumes to start this week, following slightly lower year-on-year shipments in the season to week 42 (Oct. 23).

In a report, the committee said 32 metric tons (MT) of blueberries were shipped during week 42, compared to 50MT during the same period in 2010.

Harvesting activity has increased in the IV (Coquimbo) region with significant volumes expected to be picked this week, while a similar situation has been observed in the V (Valparaiso) region.

The committee said some shipments however may be affected this week by the long weekend, as some blueberry picking could be delayed.

"Reportedly, harvest in this region (IV and V) would be concentrated on a shorter time period than last season. Currently, Jewell and Star are still the main harvested varieties, while significant O'Neill volumes are expected to start from the second week of November," the report said.

Jewell and Star picking is expected this week in the Metropolitana Region while O'Neil harvesting is set to start in week 46 (Nov. 20).

The committee reported a one week delay has been seen in the VII (Maule) region, but this time period could be shortened depending on temperatures in the coming weeks. Meanwhile crops in the VIII (Biobio) are delayed by between five and seven days.

The committee reported that given the phenological stage of fruit in the southern regions from Araucania to Los Rios, no harvesting delays have been foreseen in comparison to 2010.

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