Peru's mangos exports predicted to nearly halve -

Peru's mangos exports predicted to nearly halve

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Peru's mangos exports predicted to nearly halve

Peru's mango exports are expected to drop by 40-45% this season due to the late flowering of plants and also because producers are keen to avoid a price drop through oversupply.

Peruvian Association of Mango Producers and Exporters (APEM) manager Juan Carlos Rivera, told that export estimates for 2011-12 stood at 63,000 metric tons (MT).

"In general we have found that fruit quality is good. There is the possibility that the sizes will be smaller, between 9 and 12, although there is still some weeks to state this categorically."

The findings follow an association survey of more than 20 mango plantations in the key growing regions of Ancash, Lambayeque and Piura in the north west of the country.

Rivera said exporters were making great efforts to open up new markets.

"The U.S. five years ago accounted for more than half of our exports but now exports to China, Japan and Chile have increased, in other words, the distribution of destinations has changed," he said.

Currently 60% of shipments are destined for the  E.U. with 35% going to the U.S. and 5% to other markets.

But Rivera was optimistic this would change as Peruvian growers now have certificates complying with a range of international quality and good agricultural practice standards.

The association has also worked with the National Agrarian Health Service to ensure exports go to safe pest-free countries.

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Photo: APEM

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