Cold weather slows Ecuador mango exports this season

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Cold weather slows Ecuador mango exports this season

Cold weather at the beginning of the Ecuador mango season has delayed harvests and scuppered hopes of reaching 10 million boxes of exports, website Amé reported.

Industry exports estimate that export shipments will reach 9 million boxes similar to last year's volumes.

Ecuador Mango Foundation president Bernardo Malo, explained he had hoped this season would match the record one of 2007-8 when 10 million boxes were exported.

"We had some cold days with late rain in some areas which meant production was not maintained at high levels," he was quoted as saying.

Companies have reported that climate changes have restricted the size of the fruit leading to a smaller number of boxes exported.

Organic manago exporter Rafael Chiriboga, said he expected greater export activity at the end of the season in January but said exports were still likely to be lower than the previous one.

"This time last year we were exporting three containers a week but right now it's only one," Chiriboga was quoted as saying.

According to the Ecuador Mango Foundation there are currently 5,300 hectares of mangoes suitable for export with the most common varieties being Tommy Atkins, Kent, Haden and Keitt.

Mexican mango exports are exempt from U.S. tariffs under Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act (ATPDEA).


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